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Welcome to Air Speed Internet

Air Speed provides it's customers with a high quality, reliable solutions to meet your needs. We have a large choice of service speeds and options which can be customized to meet the needs of your home or organization.

Air Speed does not utilize the network of the local telephone company; therefore, we don't have loop length limitations and long provisioning cycles associated with Carrier services. Additionally our customer's don't incur any local telephone charges. Service over Air Speed's wireless network is digitally transmitted so you don't need to purchase expensive CSU/DSU equipment and it also eliminates another point of failure.

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Wireless Coverage Area

Air Speed's wireless IP network serves the Vancouver/ Portland Metro and outlying surrounding areas.
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Wireless Internet

Air Speed deploys a Wireless Broadband connection that's faster, more reliable, and free from limitations brought on by cable and satellite providers. Our Fully-Redundent Network is comprised of microwave towers throughout Washington and Oregon, creating a wide area network that supports access to high-speed Internet.

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Metro Ethernet

Metro Ethernet services are available in the Vancouver and Portland Metro Area, Milawaulkee, Eugene, Salem, and Corvalis. Service is compatible, flexbile, and cost-effective. Speeds range from 10Mbps to 10Gbps.

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Customer/Technical support is offered by email during regular business hours
(if email is received after hours we will respond the following business day)

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